Welcome to the home of the most professional and realistic Adobe© Flash based flipping book, written in ActionScript3. Check out its cool features by trying out our online demo books! Take a quick tour now!

Are you looking for a professional solution to manage the content of your book regularly without touching any source files? Update all pages of your book within minutes! PageFlip4 uses external images (or swf files) to fill its pages. Manage all the content and the features just by simply editing an XML file!

Some of the most important new features in PageFlip4: Real Spread, Multiflip, unlimited level of transparency, multiple Zoom level, Transitions (Fade, Zoom, Blur, or none), Background colour and images, Background Music, Info and Table of Contents floating windows, highly configurable HotSpots with popups, menu language selection,

PageFlip4 displays Right to Left written and/or vertical books also like the previous version.

pageflip4.1 news

With this new release PageFlip4 was fine tuned, and enhanced its scripting capability by providing a platform to add custom scripts and access the page-files or the PageFlip object itself, and recieves PageFlip events, such as flipping, or pressing a custom control bar button. Even HotSpots can call a custom function when you click on it. 26 new options was added to the configuration.

    A short and incomplete list of the news:
  • With PageFlip4.1, the Developer Package is also released, with all source files
  • Added Custom Button Layout, to enable repositioning of the control bar buttons
  • CenterSinglePage option
  • Click Zoom and Drag Zoom
  • Added Scripting possibility with external script file, and added a dozen of new APIs to control pageflip from page files or external script
  • Added PageNameDisplay feature

For a complete list of new features and fixes click here!


Triumph - OpenUp! (slow connection)
Triumph - PartyBra! (slow connection)

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Main features
    Browsing Features:
  • Flipping pages manually, with drag'n'drop, with buttons, or Keyboard
  • Multi-Flip, Flipping multiple pages at the same time
  • Click Zoom and Drag Zoom
  • Transitions (Fade, Zoom, Blur)
  • Thumbnail preview, Thumbnail view, Multi-level Zoom View, Multi-level Transparency
  • Scaling of the Book depending on the Browser window size
  • HotSpots on the pages, with customizable action, and popup window
  • Table of Content and Info in Floating Windows
  • AutoFlip, with customizable interval for each page
    Building Features:
  • Control Bar can be turned off, buttons can be enabled/disabled one by one
  • The layout of the Book/Controlbar/Preview can be customized
  • Each visual elements can be customized: colour, size, font
  • Background colour and image, and Background Music
  • Real Spread: any Flash content or image file can be loaded as Spread

English documentation pdf.

System requirements

PageFlip4 is a Flash application, written is Actionscript3, and needs Adobe Flash Player 10 installed as a plugin to run it in Your Browser. Adobe Flash CS5 is needed for source-file editing in case of embedding custom fonts, or controlbar icons.

Tested and Supported Browsers (with Javascript and CSS enabled):
Mac OS X: Safari, FireFox, Chrome (all the latest versions)
Windows XP & 7: Internet Explorer 6,8, FireFox, Chrome

PageFlip4 can be uploaded on any webserver.

License Agreements

PageFlip4 Personal License
PageFlip4 Single License
PageFlip4 10-pack License
PageFlip4 Multi User License
PageFlip4 Multi Host License
PageFlip4 Unlimited Host License
PageFlip4 Developer License