Iparigrafika Pageflip
The FREE PageFlip 3 is one of the most professional and realistic Adobe© Flash based flash books written in Actionscript 2. Check out its cool features by trying out our online demo books! Take a quick tour now!

Are you looking for professional solution to manage the content of your book regularly without touching the source files? Update all pages of your book within minutes! The dynamic version uses external images (or swf files) to fill its pages. Manage all the content and the features just by simply editing an XML file! Learn how to build a book using the online documentation.

One of the most important new feature of PageFlip 3.6 is the scalable book, check the demo here! The PageFlip is scaled live as you resize your browser window (to come back to this page, press the browser's back button).

PageFlip 3.6 also displays Right to Left written books.

Download PageFlip3 Now!

The dynamic PageFlip is configured by an XML file, that can be either edited by the owner, or generated by a php script for example.

System requirements:

Any browser with Adobe© Flash Player 9 installed
Adobe© Flash CS3 to edit the source files
PageFlip 3.6 is written in ActionScript 2

New features in version 3.6

totally rewritten Thumbnail scripts including display, layout, scaling, and thumbnail loading
added Always Opened feature
added support for odd number of pages
added page number display in Thumbnail mode
added ZoomFile/PrintFile to XML to control zooming/printing independently
added VerticalMode feature
added Page Offset parameter
added CopyrightText attribute to the XML language elements, no need to edit .fla anymore
added PageName feature (Pages can have names instead of a number, and the number of the page can be changed also)
added ZoomToTop switch (In Dragzoom mode the top of the zoom image is displayed first)
fixed zoom window
fixed zoom image position when resizing the Stage while zooming
fixed hotspot in zoom mode
added fullscreen button
added multipage TOC support
added optional data to each page, which is defined in XML and can be accessed from the page's script.

Review all changes made to PageFlip in the version history