Iparigrafika Pageflip

This page contains information about the PageFlip evolution

PageFlip 3 version history

v3.6 - 20100111

added noFlip variable to the reset fuction, which let you know if the flipping is ended
added ControlBar colour setup to XML
added background colour setup to XML
totally rewritten Thumbnail scripts including display, layout, scaling, and thumbnail loading.
added gotoPageLabel(label, Skip) as dev feat.
added interactive Background control (depending on the book's actual visible layout)
fixed after a page torn off, manual page access were faulty.
added the feature to center the book when it is closed
added the AlwaysOpened feature, to start the book opened (without the ability to flip backward)
added odd number of pages support.
added page number display in Thumbnail mode
added ZoomFile/PrintFile to XML to control zooming/printing independently
added VerticalMode feature
added Page Offset parameter
added CopyrightText attribute to the language elements, no need to edit .fla anymore
added PageName feature (Pages can have names instead of a number, and the number of the page can be changed also)
added ZoomToTop switch (In Dragzoom mode the top of the zoom image is displayed first)
fixed zoom window
fixed zoom image position when resizing the Stage while zooming
fixed hotspot in zoom mode
added fullscreen button
added multipage TOC support
added optional data to each page, which id defined in XML and can be accessed from the page's script.

v3.51 - 20080830 (not released)

fixed buttons while zooming
added hotspot feature

v3.5 - 20080628

fixed setPage function (page visibility for largecover)
added DragZoom feature set in XML
added new Thumbnail view mode (from external thumbnail image files)
fixed page loader script
added PageFlip sound volume control to XML
added Page unload feature to save memory
added BackContent. Optional, externally loaded content before/after the first/last pages
added Right to Left browsing direction
added Control Bar visibility option in page loader
added Scalable pages function
added Bitmap smoothing to look better when scaled
fixed swf print resize error
added Event Handlers
added zoom on click feature
added zoom window size setting to XML
added HardPage for each page
added XML Autoflip Default interval
added XML Autoflip looping default
fixed gotopage thumbnail error if thenabled = false
fixed autoflip btn image at startup if SAF is true
fixed loading errors in case of disabled (!!)
added EffectVolume setting to XML

v3.4 - 20080311

added loader Page color setup to XML
added page light/shadow visibility control to XML
improved zoom feature (supports loading the same swf file as the page itself)
fixed autosize feature, now works with largecover feature
improved page animation controls by XML varaibles
improved (easy) large cover setup
fixed large cover mouse control and shadows
added loader Movie, now the pageflip engine is loaded into a controller Movie.
added toggleAutoFlip Button on the control bar
added page number manual input feature
added loading on demand function (pageCache)
added ButtonHelp text in the control bar
added auto resize feature, to keep the book in center, and the controls at the bottom...
fixed page mask size problem, when the page corner was cut when used very large page size.

v3.33 - 20070917

added toggleAutoFlip function
added looping to AutoFlip
added example pages that communicates with eachother and showing an animated circle
added hardpage feature, can be set up from the XML file
changed zoom exit
added embedded page feature

v3.32 - 20070520

fixed Autosize feature (still not working with largecover feature)
fixed Largecover

v3.31 - 20070419

added MovieClipLoader to Zoom/Print function, with error handling (no more freeze when file not found)
fixed error when page2 was behind page1 after returning from thumbnail view
fixed wrong zoom page after tearing off a page

v3.3 - 20070415

added load error handler to the pageContainer
added AutoSize feature to scale pages to the defined size
added MovieClipLoader to pageContainer
added zoomArea size definition to XML
added thumbnails enable option to XML
added return functionality to the thumbnail button in thumbnail mode
fixed flip errors after tearing off a page then using thumbnail view
fixed undefined pagertxt while preloading
fixed prev/nextpage after tearing off a page
fixed zoomArea
fixed transparency error

v3.25 - 20060406

fixed page turning when drag preflipped corner
fixed preloading with largecover - last page flicker in the background