A fluid page flip effect that's easy to use and highly customizable.

PageFlip is the easiest and most powerful way to create and manage an interactive multimedia flipping book on the. Anything you can display in HTML5 you can add to PageFlip, including images, animations, forms, videos, sound and music. Create a rich interactive experience with an interface that's as intuitive as using a real book!

Pageflip5 technology

HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery: technologies behind the scene. Pageflip generates valid HTML5 document, styled with CSS3, powered by JavaScript & jQuery.

Pageflip5 compatibility

Compatible with Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, IE10, IE9, Safari mobile (iOS Devices), Chrome mobile (Android 4 Devices)

Pageflip5 Features:

Pageflip5 Licenses BUY NOW

License Type
Domains allowed
Publishers/ Domain
Books/ Domain
Offline copies
Pageflip5 Personal License for One User on One personal Website.
19 €
Pageflip5 Single License for One User on One commercial Website.
49 €
Pageflip5 10-pack License for up to 10 User on up to 10 commercial Websites (or 50 offline copies).
99 €
Multi user
Pageflip5 Multi User License for a single Commercial Website with up to 50,000 Users
199 €
Multi host
Pageflip5 Multi Host License for up to 25 commercial Websites (or 250 offline copies), with single User on each.
199 €
Unlimited Host
Pageflip5 Unlimited Host License for unlimited number of commercial Websites (or offline copies), with single User on each.
499 €
  • * For personal websites only, not for resale.
  • Domains allowed - The number of domains allowed by the license.
  • Publisher/ Domain - Publisher/User is who uses Pageflip to display their own content.
  • Books/ Domain - The number of Pageflip books on the same domain allowed by the license.
  • Offline copies - The number of Offline published Pageflip copies (CD-ROM, USB drives, Terminals, etc.)

Try it for free

You can request a Trial License Key to use Pageflip5 with it 14 days long.

What's in the Package?

By purchasing any Pageflip5 license, you can download the Pageflip5 package

Quick Start with Pageflip5

Pageflip5 documentation/Quick start guide is available online in English and German: On-Line Documentation (English), On-Line Dokumentation (Deutch) (Thanks to Stefan for the Translation)

Upgrade informations

Please email your Upgrade request to support@pageflip-books.com, along with a copy of your email receipt. You will then receive a coupon code that you can enter at the Pageflip store.

Pageflip5 Users can upgrade to any future 5.x releases without charge. Pageflip users who purchased a version of Pageflip4 after July 15, 2013 can request a free upgrade to Pageflip5 by following the same instruction as above.

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